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Even in the Darkness There is Light

This is the first story in the "Shay" series. Shay is a young fledgling vampire orphaned when her creator is destroyed by a hunter. Shay becomes a major player in Nick's life and a catalyst for Nick and Natalie's relationship. (April 2000, 377K)


Ghosts of the Past

Shay has begun to rebuild her life in Toronto when a part of her past seems to have reappeared dragging her as well as Nick and Natalie into a trap. (April 2000, 154K)


Phoenix Rising

The death of a young teen forces Shay to face her darker side. (June 2000, 136K)


Between Heaven and Earth

This is a short story I wrote a while back and neglected to post on my website. It's one of those pieces that doesn't have much as far as a plot but it's one of my favorites. While the downfalls to being a vampire are evident, one on the things I can't help but believe even Nick would miss is the power of flight... (December 2000, 19K)

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