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Fan Fiction Page

Step into my virtual home where my creativity runs free

Here you will find my offerings of Forever Knight fan fiction.

Enjoy your stay!

I'm a newbie to writing fan fiction so please be gentle with me. Currently there is only one story here but I'm working on a sequal so stay tuned. Feedback is always welcome, let me know what you think!

-Kimberly Williams


Even in the Darkness There is Light

The first story in the 'Shay' series now available in its entirity for your reading pleasure. Shay is a young fledgling vampire whose creator is destroyed by a hunter. Shay becomes a major player in Nick's life and a catalyst for Nick and Nat's relationship.

Ghosts of the Past **Coming Soon***

Shay has begun to rebuild her life in Toronto when a part of her past seems to have reappeared dragging her as well as Nick and Natalie into a trap.



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